As a decolonial eroticologist, Dr. Hepworth Clarke offers Decolonial guidance, to those interested in unlearning negative effects of coloniality, healing from (intergenerational) trauma, sexual violations, unhealthy relationships, etc.  Doctor assists people interested in a decolonial journey including but not limited to: Auto-decolonization, neurodecolonization, or the Auto-Sexual-decolonization process.

As a sexosopher, Dr. Hepworth can speak at events including at schools, conferences, retreats or other community events. Topics can be tailored to special events, or designed for specific organization, company, groups or individuals. As a specialist in sexosophy and sexual epistemologies, doc dialogues in ways that can deepen and expand one’s awareness of sensualities, pleasures, eroticism, sexualities, and increase critical thinking around sex, genders, and relationality.

As a sexecologist, Dr. Clarke is interested in the intersections of sexuality/sensuality and nature/ecosystem/environments. Doctor offers nature deprivation therapies, workshops, events and retreats that provide opportunities to (re)connect with nature through earthing and mindful exercises.

Dr. Clarke utilizes multiple tools to assist constituents overcoming life’s challenges and enjoys facilitating healing, transformation and growth. As a social worker, they can assist in growing through a wide variety of life’s challenges, events, and journeys. As a sexologist, they can assist in challenges related to sexuality, relationships, and gender as well as increase sexual literacy and cultural and structural competency.


Therapeutic services to facilitate healing, transformation, growth and liberation: 

Dr.Clarke currently offers guidance and counseling sessions online.   Dr. Hepworth Clarke is a licensed social worker (of Pennsylvania, New York and  Washington DC). They are trained to assist working through challenges associated with sex, sexuality, pleasure, eroticism, gender, relationships, desires, and love.They have expertise in sex therapy, sexual reproduction, reproductive health/wellness including STIs, HIV/AIDS and pelvic pain issues as well as trauma-informed therapeutic services supporting sexual and gender diversity, kink, ethical non-monogamy and other non-traditional relationship configurations. As a clinical sexologist, they specialize in treating sexual challenges, affirming pleasure and diversity, and working with diverse populations including but not limited to individuals, couples and polycules(, groups/families, people of color, two-spirit, people with disabilities, women with ethnic genital modifications, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, non-binary, transgender, demigender, asexual, polyamorous, and so on.

Dr.ZHC is currently taking clients through Psychology Today which is where they can be reached at:

Educational services to increase sexual literacy.

As a sexuality educator, Dr. Hepworth Clarke borrows from African-centered pedagogies, especially the concept of the inner genius that recognizes every student as having something special to contribute to society with the teacher as facilitator to develop student recognition of their talents. Dr. Hepworth Clarke deploys the concept of Brave Spaces (popularize by Arao and Clemens, 2013) that encourage students to have conversations that allow for varying opinions to be accepted through controversy with civility and respect while owning their intentions and impacts. Their passion is to foster multi-epistemic literacy among students and professionals. Zelaika’s approach to teaching is deeply informed by this notion, so they connect their teaching fundamentally to social justice, intersectionality, and kyriarchy (the theory of interconnected, interacting and self-extending systems of domination and submission in which a single individual might be oppressed and privileged).